Meet Minho (previously known as Atlas)

Back in 2020, Zentia evolved from Armstrong Ceiling Solutions. As part of this process, we’re simplifying and streamlining our product names beginning with Minho (previously known as Atlas).

Minho (formerly Atlas) has a non-directional fissured surface and provides Class D sound absorption with a board edge.

Minho board edge tiles are an excellent addition to any interior, offering good sound attenuation, high light reflectance and has a fire rating of Euroclass A2-s1, d0.

Despite the renaming, there are no changes to the Minho product or it’s technical performance, and it is still warrantied for up to 30 years (when fitted with the Zentia grid system).  Alongside this, they are manufactured with up to 49% recycled content and remain 100% recyclable.

To find out more about Minho visit our new Minho product page.

This is a significant milestone for Zentia and the first of many more changes to our product names. As part of our evolution from Armstrong to Zentia, we’re renaming many of our products over the next 24 months. To support architects, contractors and distributors in the transition, we have created a new product renaming hub on our website. This will be regularly updated with new information as we go through this process.