Zentia appoints a new Managing Director

Zentia, formerly Armstrong Ceiling Solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dirk Jaspers as Managing Director.

Previously Director of Strategy, Dirk will retain that responsibility in addition to his position at the head of the business.

Dirk has a track record of leading businesses and their management teams to strategic realignment, long-term growth and professional operations, as demonstrated in the multiple executive and board positions he has held in the building materials industry in Germany, Switzerland and the UK. He also served as an independent consultant and as a Principal with McKinsey, where he led the German building materials practice.

Dirk said: “It will be a great honour and an exciting challenge to serve Zentia as MD. This is a hugely energizing opportunity. Alongside my peers in the senior management team and alongside all Zentia employees, I will strive to make a positive difference for our customers, for our business, for each one of our employees.”

Dirk succeeds Christophe Lloret Linares who led Zentia as CEO since the carve-out from Knauf International GmbH in 2019 and now leaves Zentia to pursue new interests.

Under Christophe’s leadership the company rebranded as Zentia, underpinning its ambition as an independent industry leader. Zentia started a multi-year investment programme enabling it to make, in-house, all relevant tiles and grid products. The Covid crisis was also managed successfully. Going forward, Zentia will have an even stronger focus in its core market of the UK and aspires to further extend its domestic competitive position.

Christophe said: “It was an exciting and rewarding journey with Zentia. This is a good time to make room for someone else to take the lead in the next phase of Zentia’s strategic development. Let me say thank you to our employees, customers and business partners for their loyalty throughout our transformation. Zentia is well positioned for the upcoming challenges. I wish the company, the management team and its employees well.”

Kay Michel, operating partner at Zentia’s owners, Aurelius, said: “Christophe was a key player managing the carve out phase. We say thank you for his service and leadership and we wish him well for his future endeavours. We are delighted to now entrust Dirk with the leadership of Zentia. He comes with the commitment, the skills and the mindset to make Zentia successful on its journey to further strengthened industry leadership, resilience against economic forces and sustained profitability.”