Building with purpose: choosing ceiling systems to enhance design

When we think about a building, our minds can often gravitate towards grand exteriors or the fine details of interior design. However, one crucial element that often goes unnoticed is the ceiling. At Zentia, we believe the ceiling is more than just a structural necessity – it’s a canvas for enhancing overall building performance, from lighting and air quality to acoustics and aesthetics.

Building with purpose: choosing ceiling systems to enhance design

Ceilings play a pivotal role in shaping the functionality and ambiance of a space. Despite their importance, they often remain an afterthought in architectural projects. By prioritising ceilings in the design process, architects can create spaces that not only look exceptional but also perform optimally.

Exterior to Interior

A building’s entrance is its first impression, setting the tone for what lies within. Feature ceiling systems in the entrance can provide a seamless transition from the exterior architecture to the interior environment. Whether through creative patterns, materials that reflect exterior elements, or strategic lighting, ceilings are effective in echoing the building’s architectural intent.

The Sonify by Zentia range makes it easier than ever to put your personal stamp on acoustic ceiling systems. It is a canopy and baffle ceiling solution that is available in an impressive range of shapes and 35 colours as standard. Its baffles and canopies can be used to make a feature wall or add excitement to any kind of ceiling design.

Enhanced Acoustics

One of the most significant challenges in building design is managing acoustics. Poor acoustics can lead to a disruption in the tranquillity and functionality of a space, so by incorporating acoustic ceiling tiles, architects can effectively combat exterior noise, ensuring a quieter and more comfortable interior.

All of Zentia’s tiles are designed with optimal acoustics in mind. The Prestige hA+ is Zentia’s most sound absorbent ceiling tile. It is rated Class A for sound absorption and has a sound attenuation rating of αw 1.00. It is particularly ideal for open plan spaces that require a higher dose of calm and quiet.

Lighting and Atmosphere

Lighting is a critical aspect of any interior space, influencing both functionality and mood. Ceiling systems can optimise natural light, distribute artificial light more effectively, and even help save on energy bills.

The Oplia hA+ tile is a Class A rated suspended ceiling tile, with 85% light reflectance, making it effective in improving interior light levels and reducing a space’s reliance on artificial light. Durable and scratch resistant, they can be cleaned with a dry cloth, soft brush or gently wiped with a moist cloth.

At Zentia, we are committed to providing innovative ceiling solutions that align with architectural intent and improve overall building performance. Embrace the full potential of your design by considering how high-performing ceiling systems can make a significant impact.