Case Study: Harton Academy

Antony O'Connor, Ryder Architecture
South Shields, England

Zentia worked with Ryder architects to help showcase products that can provide an in-depth insight and mechanics into behind the scenes of suspended ceilings. Featured areas was specified to use Zentia Axiom C Canopies with Dune eVo Max Board tiles, this enabled the students to see the suspension systems used and to showcase services behind the canopy.

Through the project Dune eVo Max was used due to excellent acoustic performance for sound absorption and attenuation. Prelude 24mm XL2 grid was specified due to ease and speed of installation. Axiom Transition was used to provide a smooth connection where tiles meet plasterboard boarder margins throughout the project.

Hydroboard was used within the WC areas due to excellent moisture resistance capabilities and providing a Class A sound absorption. Zentia Prelude 24mm Corrosive resistance grid was specified alongside Hydroboard due to the robust cleaning regime in keeping with being a technical college.

Harton Academy can have peace of mind with Zentia 30-year system warranty for Axiom Canopies and Hydroboard due to it be installed on Zentia Prelude 24mm XL2 grid, whereas Dune eVo Max comes with a lifetime warranty.

These tiles have a high level of recycled content and are fully recyclable at their end-of-life.