Ceiling solutions for transportation

Choose from Zentia’s wide range of ceiling tiles to meet the demands of high-traffic areas and quieter spaces alike.


Acoustics for calmer environments

Create oases of peace and quiet for stressed-out travellers and guests with Zentia’s mineral ceiling tiles. Choose a ceiling tile with Class-A sound absorption to reduce background noise and boost well-being.

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Zentia Transport Lounge Ultima + MicroLook 600x600mm with Prelude 15mm grid 3

Reduce sound reverberation in busy, open spaces

Choose a floating ceiling solution for circulation and concourse areas that see heavy footfall to create a calmer environment as well as reduce background noise and sound reverberation. Canopies and Baffles offer double-sided sound absorption, while our Axiom C Canopy suspension kits can be used to create attractive ceiling clouds.

Zentia Transport Office Sede Catalana Occidente 02

Ceilings to enhance privacy and tranquillity

Turn offices in busy transport hubs into pockets of calm with our suspended ceiling solutions. Choose a ceiling tile Class-A-rated for sound absorption to muffle background chatter, or a ceiling tile that prioritises sound attenuation for greater privacy between adjacent spaces.

Zentia Transport Restaurants Loudons Restaurant 01

Ceilings for humidity resistance and hygiene

Airports and other transport hubs often feature many different restaurant and café spaces. Turn them into peaceful havens with ceiling tiles that offer Class-A-rated sound absorption and excellent sound attenuation. Or choose one of our floating ceiling solutions and position them over seating areas to create more comfortable spaces for guests.



Find products with the right acoustic qualities for your project.


Light Reflectance

Enhance interiors with brighter ceiling tiles.



Choose ceiling tiles that perform best in clinical and scientific environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

For restrooms and cloakrooms that include shower facilities, we recommend suspended ceiling tiles with good humidity resistance such as Hydrabloc, Ceramaguard, and Aruba Max. For restrooms that are less humid, mineral tiles such as Aruba and Oplia hA dB can be good solutions depending on project requirements. Please get in touch to speak with one of our experts. 

Ceiling tiles that are Class A rated for sound absorption will reduce background noise and sound reverberation – the amount of echo within a space. When you need to create a peaceful interior, ceiling solutions like Prestige hA+, Oplia hA and Optima can be good options.

Canopies and Baffles are floating ceiling solutions that absorb sound from both sides of the board, unlike a suspended ceiling tile which is fixed to a metal grid and exposed to sound only on one side. The more Canopies and Baffles that are installed in an open space, the better the sound absorption, and the more background noise levels are reduced, making concourse areas feel more relaxed and open.

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