Prelude 35

Prelude 35 is an exposed 35mm grid system for suspension ceilings. Typically used in retail outlets, industrial manufacturing units, and circulation areas, components are rotary stitched for strength and extra flexibility.

Prelude 35 XL2 Cross Tees
Prelude 35 XL2 Cross Tees provide secure connections to main runners in Prelude 35, our exposed 35mm grid system for suspended ceilings. The secure Superlock clip provides better alignment and is easier to disconnect when access to the ceiling soffit is needed for maintenance purposes.

Available Colours

Prelude 35 Main Runners
Prelude 35 Main Runners are part of the Prelude 35 exposed 35mm grid system for suspension ceilings. The patented Double Peakform design gives strength across longer spans, extra stability and is easier to cut on site. The Superlock clip provides a secure connection for better alignment and easier disconnection.

Available Colours

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