Case Study: Booth Welsh

Wylie Shanks Architects
F Brown Ltd
Booth Welsh
Irvine, Scotland


Booth Welsh is known for providing effective engineering, design, and automation solutions to several industries including oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, utilities and manufacturing.

Booth Welsh are investors in future talent, and along with main contractors Gerry Bonham have recently completed construction on a brand new, state-of-the-art lecture theatre, to meet the needs of their growing team of apprentices.

They decided to look for a complete ceiling solution that would meet their aesthetic requirements, as well as have the right acoustic qualities to create an effective learning space.


Sonify by Zentia baffles were selected by Wylie Shanks Architects to create a unique canopy and baffle ceiling solution that absorbs sound beautifully.

Available in 35 standard colours, and multiple shapes including triangles and circles, the collection allows specifiers to play with colours and configurations to create exciting acoustic solutions for a variety of applications.

For the Booth Welsh lecture theatre, the architects opted for white, Sonify curved baffles to be installed on a black grid, creating a clean and minimal aesthetic to allow for optimal concentration when learning.

As well as being visually pleasing, the Sonify baffles provide an acoustically sound solution, with Class A-rated sound absorption quality. The Sonify system will reduce background reverberation and ensure the students can hear and converse comfortably in the lecture theatre, minimising any disruption to their education.

The ceiling installation was completed in February 2023 by F Brown Ltd successfully and efficiently due to the ease of installation of Zentia’s complete ceiling systems. Alan Clarks, Contracts Manager at F Brown Ltd commented on the product: “The Zentia baffles were straightforward and easy to install and the client was very happy with the finished look.”

The project at Booth Welsh has resulted in the successful creation of a cutting-edge lecture theatre, poised to nurture and inspire the next wave of industry professionals in a space that combines functionality with aesthetics.

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Sonify 3D Studio is an online configuration design platform that allows architects and specifiers to create beautiful Sonify canopy and baffle ceilings. Easy to use and integrated with Revit, it provides users with a seamless specification experience.

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