Above all, we're putting customers first

Last year, Zentia evolved from Armstrong Ceiling Solutions. Given the valued knowledge and expertise that we had built up over 100 years, it would have been easy to continue trading off our founding credentials. But we wanted to create our own future – one that allowed us to evolve, with added agility and a clear focus.

The inception of our new company presented the perfect opportunity to re-think the mission and values that drive our business. The result is ‘Above all, you’ – a brand campaign that puts customers at the centre of our thinking.

A customer-centric approach

‘Above all, you’ is the product of extensive research into the opportunities and challenges facing our partners who rely on our innovative ceiling solutions every day.

We identified a number of themes that resonated with our audience, from quality and reliability to delivery and sustainability – any of which can be our partners’ priority at any one time.

‘Above all’ dovetails perfectly into this mindset, allowing us to flex and tailor our messages to individual audiences and unexpected challenges. All underpinned by the constant sign off in every communication: ‘Above all, you’.

Dirk Jaspers, Managing Director at Zentia, is delighted with the new brand concept: “It’s a brand campaign that informs our partners that whilst their priorities can and do change, we will always be ready to satisfy them. Because at the end of the day it’s our partners who are our priority.”

A brand built on solid values

The Zentia brand re-launch also enabled us to focus our attention on shaping our brand architecture to meet the four key characteristics our customers value in a partner: reliability, UK focus, partnership, and innovation.
First and foremost, reliability is at the core of everything we do, and we understand how critical it is for stakeholders and their projects. Zentia offers customers and end users that certainty with superior product quality and they can rely on us to live up to our delivery promises.

We have invested heavily in a UK infrastructure for everything from manufacturing plants to after sales support.
Evolved from Armstrong Ceiling Solutions we have been supporting our partners for over 100 years. Today we are proud to continue this, with our OMEGA scheme that supports specialist contractors, and our installation school to train new talent.

Our customers value a pro-active partner, one who anticipates trends, but paves their own way. Our forward-thinking mentality is reflected in our agile structure, bold decision making and long-term vision for the future.

A future filled with promise

In this ever-changing world, having everything from manufacture to customer support right here in the UK means we are more agile and in control. That, together with our forward-thinking culture, will enable Zentia to solve multiple priorities for all the professionals in our supply chain.

Dirk Jaspers is confident the new proposition will strike a chord with customers: “Creating a unique corporate image is vital to differentiate brands in a competitive market. Our ‘Above all, you’ campaign does that perfectly, giving customers the reassurance that, whatever the challenge, they will always come first.”

Our multi-channel brand campaign will be launched in September and will appear across trade media, social channels and in direct communications.