Ceiling solutions for laboratories

Meet the demanding needs of laboratories and clean room environments with Zentia’s range of specialist mineral ceiling tiles.

Maintain air quality with specialist suspended ceiling tiles

Laboratories and clean room environments demand high levels of air cleanliness for airborne particulates, as well as environmental control over atmospheric contamination, temperature, and humidity. Zentia’s specialist suspended ceiling tiles for laboratories are dust resistant and adapted for regular washing to maintain performance.

Zentia Room Bioguard Acoustic Board 600x600mm with Prelude 24mm XL2 grid 6

ISO standard technical performance

Zentia’s specialist ceiling tiles for laboratories and clean room environments can be used in clean rooms with ISO 5 or ISO 4 classification in accordance with ISO 14644-1:1999. Our Clean Room FL mineral tile comes with a special polyester film facing to repel dust and can be cleaned with disinfectants to control bacterial and mould growth.



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Light Reflectance

Enhance interiors with brighter ceiling tiles.



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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Zentia ceiling solutions are regularly used in NHS facilities in both clinical and non-clinical settings, as well as in the wider public sector.

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