Ceiling solutions for language and music rooms

Specify Zentia’s mineral ceiling tiles to minimise background noise and create harmonious environments for crystal-clear sound, whether spoken or played.

Ceiling solutions with balanced acoustics for crystal clear sound

Whether you’re designing a music room in an entertainment venue or a language room in a school, we have a ceiling solution that can help control background noise and reduce sound transmission to and from adjacent spaces.

Zentia Room Axiom C Canopy with Dune Max Board 600x600mm 11
Language & Music Rooms

Minimise background noise with ceiling solutions for language and music rooms

In language and music rooms, every single note and syllable needs to be heard loud and clear. Choose one of Zentia’s Class A rated mineral ceiling tiles to reduce disruptive reverberation and background noises that make it difficult for musicians to hear what they’re singing and playing.


Sound absorption

Find products with the right sound absorption class.


Sound attenuation

Choose ceilings that prevent sound passing between adjacent spaces.


Light Reflectance

Enhance interiors with brighter ceiling tiles.

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