Ceiling solutions for offices

Create productive office environments with Zentia’s complete ceiling solutions. From lobbies to conference rooms, open plan offices to smaller shared spaces, we have ceiling tiles and grid systems to suit your needs.

Designing offices for maximum productivity

Design ceilings that enhance employee wellbeing and productivity with Zentia’s complete ceiling solutions for offices. Whatever workspace you’re creating, our light-reflecting and low VOC-emitting ceiling tiles offer perfectly balanced acoustic performance.

Open plan

Design for concentration and focus

Background noise affects our ability to work accurately and quickly, disrupting concentration and focus. All of which means good sound absorption is a must in open plan environments. Specify one of our mineral ceiling tiles and help employees stay focused on their work with ceilings that offer high sound absorption or choose a tile perfectly balanced between sound absorption and sound attenuation.


Specify with privacy in mind

Privacy is a high priority when designing individual offices, especially when they are adjacent to each other. Ceiling tiles with good sound attenuation, which allow sound waves to pass through the suspended ceiling to the soffit above, will reduce the amount of sound shared between each small office.


Balanced acoustics for smaller spaces

Ceilings in smaller team offices need a slightly different approach to acoustics, combining solid sound absorption to reduce background noise and distractions with good sound attenuation to enhance privacy in adjacent spaces. Choose a mineral tile from our OP family for the perfect balance between sound absorption and attenuation.


Create ceilings that help keep conversations confidential

Keep meetings private by specifying a ceiling tile with high sound attenuation performance. Ultima+ dB will allow soundwaves to pass through the ceiling and reduce the chance of conversations being overheard in external spaces.


Statement ceilings that don’t compromise on performance

Ceilings can make a strong design statement in high profile areas like lobbies and receptions. Axiom Canopies combine high sound absorption performance and pleasing aesthetics, reducing echo and noise levels. Zentia’s Canopies and Baffles can also be used to reduce sound reverberation in high traffic areas lobbies and receptions.



Find products with the right acoustical qualities for your project.


Light Reflectance

Enhance interiors with brighter ceiling tiles.



Choose ceiling tiles that perform best in clinical and scientific environments.

Frequently asked questions

Zentia ceiling solutions can be used in office refurb or refit projects, just as they can on new office projects.

The right light reflective ceiling can make a big difference to employee wellbeing, particularly when paired with natural lighting. Employees who are exposed to natural light during working hours report a 51% drop in the incidence of eyestrain, a 63% drop in the incidence of headaches and a 56% reduction in drowsiness, enhancing productivity.

Bright working environments can also reduce the amount of electricity used on artificial lighting, so there are financial benefits to high light reflecting ceilings, too.

According to research, employees’ cognitive function across a number of functions is improved by low VOC office environments, by up to 61% on average. Particularly large spikes in improvement are seen in crisis response, information usage, and strategy. Zentia’s low VOC-emitting ceiling tiles can contribute to a more productive workforce, as well as helping projects meet green building standards like BREEAM and WELL.

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