Crafting success: the importance of an effective product renaming strategy

At Zentia, we believe that the journey of a product begins with its name, and the power of effective product naming cannot be overstated. It plays a critical role in shaping perceptions, enhancing our brand identity and driving the success of our product marketing campaigns. As we continue to evolve from Armstrong Ceiling Solutions, we are simplifying and streamlining our product names to make our portfolio less confusing and more reflective of our brand values. 

Product renaming strategies – what’s in the name?

We all know that first impressions matter and the name is often the first interaction our clients have with a product. A well-thought-out name can instantly captivate attention, spark interest, and create that positive initial impression. In the realm of product marketing, competition is fierce, and our memorable product names are just another way for us to stand out from the crowd.

The journey continues as the product name continues to represent our brand throughout the entire process. That is why we think it is vital to choose names that align with our brand values, mission and overall identity, as well as represent the real value our products offer to architects and contractors.

As an innovative brand that thrives on evolving with our market, we always strive to keep products and their names relevant to current trends and advancements in our industry. We also think that consistency is key because it represents us as the trustworthy and recognised brand that we are, which is why we place such importance on our product name processes.

Unveiling a new chapter at Zentia

As we continue to evolve as a brand, we are streamlining our product names to make sure our portfolio reflects not only the impressive quality of our products but also our brand values. These include going above and beyond at all times, creating value in every project, consistently delivering reliable products and growing sustainably.

To date, we have embarked upon many exciting, creative and successful product renaming marketing campaigns, which include some of our most popular ranges. For example, our most popular product family, Dune eVo is now named Aruba, Bioguard has become Biobloc and our Fine Fissured tiles are under a new family named Fission.

When choosing a new product name, we like to make sure we masterfully reflect the unique qualities of the tile, whilst also taking inspiration from the world around us. Previously known and loved as Dune eVo, the Aruba family is now named after the Caribbean Island’s famous white sandy beaches because it effectively reflects the sandy, granular finish of the tiles.

Similarly, tiles previously known as Academy Merit and Academy Diploma have been renamed Bene (Latin for fine) and Arena (Latin for sand). Whilst the Latin pays homage to the previous Academy name, Bene also represents its finely fissured texture, and Arena its finely sanded texture.

While our product names evolve, one thing remains constant – our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality, trustworthy, and ingenious products that embody the essence of the Zentia brand. This new chapter represents not just a change of name, but a continuation of our legacy of excellence, innovation, and relentless pursuit of aligning our products with the developing needs of our industry.

Zentia Products

Trusted products. New names.

We’re renaming our products, but don’t worry. Your favourite ceiling solutions won’t disappear. We’re making the same quality suspended ceilings we always have. Keep reading to find out what these changes mean for you.