Zentia introduces the Oplia product family

Zentia, the UK’s market leader in complete ceiling solutions, proudly announces the launch of ‘Oplia,’ the latest family addition to its product portfolio. Formerly recognised as Perla, the renaming reflects Zentia’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and functionality in ceiling tiles.  

The range, launched on the 10th January, offers a diverse set of visual and acoustic solutions for interior spaces. All tiles within the range have a smooth, laminated finish for a sleek aesthetic. Oplia hA dB, Oplia hA and Oplia hA+ offer excellent sound absorption, Oplia hA dB and Oplia dB offer impressive sound attenuation properties, and alongside Oplia Triangles the range provides the ideal solution for a wide spectrum of communal interiors such as offices and classrooms.  

Alongside white, 34 new exciting colours have been added to the range to experiment with design, create defined zones and assist with wayfinding. Each tile has a high light reflectance of 86% and extremely low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content, offering overall enhanced health, wellbeing and productivity for the end user.  

The Oplia dB tile delivers an enhanced sound attenuation performance of 41dB, reducing the sound between adjacent spaces, and making it a great addition for private offices and boardrooms, or multi-let buildings. Alternatively, the Oplia hA dB is an ideal solution for flexible working spaces, with excellent levels of sound absorption and sound attenuation in one tile.  

Also, within the new product family, the Oplia hA tile provides a Class A sound absorption rating and performs best in open-plan areas such as libraries and cafeterias. The Oplia hA+ tile has the highest possible aw coefficient of 1.00 and has been designed for areas that require enhanced focus and concentration, with the light reflectance improving interior light levels, diminishing artificial light reflectance and enhancing user wellbeing.  

Lastly, the Oplia Triangle tile system offers additional design freedom, formed with interlocking equilateral triangles, which when combined with our choice of 34 additional standard colours, can add a very striking and impactful visual element to any project’s interior.  

Graham Taylor , Director, Sales & Marketing at Zentia commented on the launch: “The introduction of Oplia signifies our ongoing commitment to redefining the possibilities within ceiling tile solutions. With a renewed focus on amazing aesthetics and acoustic excellence, the new Oplia family offers a great canvas for architects and designers to innovate and create inspiring spaces.” 



Perfecting interior soundscapes

The Oplia Family

With six different products, the Oplia Family delivers ideal acoustics, in any space. Improving audio in and in between spaces, with the highest level of sound absorption and attenuation in our range.