Trusted products. New names.

We’re renaming our products, but don’t worry. Your favourite ceiling solutions won’t disappear. We’re making the same quality suspended ceilings we always have. Keep reading to find out what these changes mean for you.

The same quality products…

We’re manufacturing the same suspended ceiling products we always have… and in some cases we’re aiming to improve on their technical performance. That means better acoustical ceiling solutions for you, and quieter, more calming interiors for your clients.

… with striking new names

Back in 2020, Zentia evolved from Armstrong Ceiling Solutions. As part of this process, we’re simplifying and streamlining our product names to make our portfolio less confusing for architects and contractors just like you.

What’s going to change? And how does it affect you?

Our product names will change in a few different ways, but there’s no need to panic. Our specification team will be on hand to help with any projects that have specified our products under their old names, while distributors will be given at least three weeks’ notice of any product change. Our partners will receive regular updates through their usual Zentia contacts and our online portal for Pinnacle Approved Partners.

New product names. Same reliable service.

We’ve already started renaming our products, but our commitment to manufacturing excellence and customer service has not changed. You can rely on our suspended ceiling products for their outstanding technical performance, just as you always have.

Our product warranties and guarantees remain in effect. Almost all of our suspended ceiling tiles come with a 15 year warranty when purchased alone, or a 30 year warranty when purchased with a Zentia suspended ceiling grid. Our products are made to last. That’s why generations of architects and contractors have trusted Zentia suspended ceiling products.

And because we put one thing above all. You.

Latest updates

Which products have been renamed?

We’ve renamed several of our products so far. Here’s the list:

New name: Previously known as:
Arena Academy Diploma
Aruba Dune eVo
Aruba dB Dune eVo dB
Aruba Max Dune eVo Max
Bene Academy Merit
Biobloc Acoustic Bioguard Acoustic
Biobloc Plain Bioguard Plain
Fission Tatra
Fission FT Fine Fissured
Fission FT Black Fine Fissured Colortone
Fission ND Cortega
Hydrabloc Hydroboard
Mezzguard Mezzanine DL 100
Minho Atlas
Oplia Perla
Oplia dB Perla dB
Oplia hA Perla OP 0.95
Oplia hA+ Perla OP 1.00
Oplia hA dB Perla OP dB
Prelude 24 Max Gridline 24 Max
Prelude 24 Max Accessories Gridline 24 Max Accessories
Prestige Ultima+
Prestige dB Ultima+ dB
Prestige hA+ Ultima+ OP
Seismic Rx XL2 Gridline Seismic
Seismic Rx XL2 Accessories Gridline Seismic Accessories
Serene hA Sierra OP
System Z Gridline System Z
Edge detail changes

We're changing the names of our edge details

From 21st June 2023, we will be renaming our edge details and variants. This renaming process will be implemented gradually over the next 6 months.  Other than the name change, there is no alteration to the edge types or variants themselves.

The new edge detail names are as follows:


Old edge detail name New edge detail name
Board Board (unchanged)
Tegular Tegular24
MicroLook Tegular15
SL2 SL2 (unchanged)
Finesse Conceal
Vector Integra
Product variant changes

We're updating some product variants

Like the edge detail changes, our product variant names will follow the same transition.

For clarity, the product labels will state for example “previously known as OP” for the next 12 months.

In addition, we will be introducing a new variant –  hH (high humidity).


Old product variant name New product variant name
OP hA (high absorption)
New variant hH (high humidity)
dB dB (unchanged)

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our FAQ to find answers to some common questions. Still need information? Get in touch.

Product warranties are not affected by this change. The content of the warranties itself will be updated to reflect the new product name, but Zentia will honour warranties under the old product names at our discretion.

Our products will feature both product names for 12 months after the new product name is launched. The product codes will change however this will be limited to the last digit in the suffix. For example, if a product code previously ended with the letter A, it may now end with a B.

Back in 2020, Zentia evolved from Armstrong Ceiling Solutions. As part of this process, we’re simplifying and streamlining our product names to make our portfolio less confusing for architects and contractors just like you.

Got a few more questions? Get in touch.

Get in touch to find out more information about these changes and how your business may affected.

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