Suspended Ceiling Solutions Performance

All of our suspended ceiling solutions have distinctive performance attributes. Learn more about which are most important for your project.

Over 100 years of experience in meeting project requirements

Zentia is the UK’s leading manufacturer of complete ceiling solutions. Evolved from Armstrong Ceiling Solutions, we’ve spent decades helping architects and designers identify the technical performance attributes that really matter to them so they can specify the right suspended ceiling solutions for their projects.

Zentia Performance Acoustics Axiom C Canopy with Dune eVo 600x600mm Board 15

Sound absorption or sound attenuation?

You’ve heard a lot about sound absorption, but how much do you know about sound attenuation?

Acoustics icon

Sound absorption

Useful in open plan spaces to reduce background noise and improve working conditions.

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Sound attenuation

Best for small adjacent rooms, sound waves pass through the ceiling tile into the soffit.

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Balanced acoustics

Suitable for many spaces that serve a variety of purposes.

Zentia Performance Sustainability Axiom C Canopy with Dune Max Board 600x600mm 3

Balanced acoustics for smaller spaces

We all need to build for a better future. Our sustainable ceiling solutions can help you do just that.

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Recycled content, fully recyclable

Our mineral ceiling tiles and suspension grids contain up to 79% recycled material and are fully recyclable.

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Environmental Product Declarations

Our EPDs show the environmental impact of our products.

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Pinnacle Partner Recycling Scheme

We offer an off-cut recycling service to our Pinnacle Approved Partners in the UK, with returned product put back into the manufacturing process.

Zentia Performance Light reflectance Perla Tegular 600x600mm with Prelude 24mm XL2 grid 2

Brighter interiors for happier workplaces

High light reflectance ceiling tiles improve working conditions by bouncing light around interiors, making for a happier, healthier workplace.

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Light reflectance up to 87%

Zentia ceiling tiles range from 72-87% light reflectance to help you customise your interior.

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Reduce artificial light

Reduce the need for artificial light and cut energy bills.

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Blue-white finish

Zentia’s white ceiling tiles have a blue-white finish for extra brightness.

Zentia Performance Hygiene 600x600mm with Prelude 24mm Corrosive Resistance grid 2

Antimicrobial ceiling solutions for healthcare settings

Antimicrobial tiles that can be washed and disinfected on a regular basis are ideal for hospitals and other healthcare environments.

Hygiene icon

Washable ceiling tiles

Mineral ceiling tiles like our Bioguard range can be washed regularly to help maintain hygiene standards.

Hygiene icon

Resistant to disinfectants

Bioguard Plain maintains its integrity under a vapourised hydrogen peroxide disinfection protocol.

Hygiene icon

Antimicrobial paint

For extra protection in areas that frequently need to consider infection control.


Specialist suspended ceilings for high humidity interiors

Zentia’s range of humidity resistant ceiling tiles are ideal for commercial kitchens, spas, shower rooms, and other similar spaces.

Humidity resistance icon

Laminated surfaces

To repel dampness and water.

Humidity resistance icon

Tougher materials

Aquabloc is made of hydrated calcium silicate for 100% humidity resistance.

Humidity resistance icon

Maintain structural integrity

Our humidity resistant ceiling tiles don’t sag and deform in damp environments.

Zentia Performance Clean Room FL Board angle (1) (1)

Ceilings to help control particle contamination

Specify a Zentia ceiling solution to help maintain standards in clean room environments.

Clean room icon

Polyester film facing

Clean Room FL features a special polyester film facing for clean room performance.

Clean room icon

ISO 5 and ISO 4 clean room classification

Zentia’s clean room ceiling solutions can be used in clean rooms with ISO 5 or ISO 4 classification in accordance with ISO 14644-1:1999.

Clean room icon

Repels dust

Zentia’s clean room ceiling solutions repel dust for additional contamination control.

Zentia Performance Scratch resistance Dune Max 600x600mm Tegular with prelude 24mm XL2 grid 1

Durable ceiling tiles for more frequent handling

When you need regular access to the ceiling soffit, you need a ceiling tile that can stand up to more handling.

Scratch resistance icon

Reinforced scratch resistant surface

Ceiling tiles like Ultima+ are manufactured with frequent handling in mind.

Scratch resistance icon

Hard edge treatment

So that ceiling tiles are less likely to chip and spoil the look of your ceiling.

Scratch resistance icon

Vector edge for under-mounting

Ideal for ceilings with less height in the soffit, vector edged tiles can be mounted from below.

Zentia Performance VOC Axiom C Canopy with Dune eVo 600x600mm Board 5

Mineral ceiling tiles that contribute to air quality

Zentia’s low-VOC emitting ceiling tiles make a positive contribution to indoor air quality.

VOC emissions icon

Low formaldehyde emissions

Zentia’s ceiling tiles are E1 classified, the best test result possible and exceeding the EU’s requirements on formaldehyde emissions.

VOC emissions icon

Improved indoor air quality for higher productivity

Indoor air quality directly affects workplace productivity and employee wellbeing.

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Green building scheme credits

Specify a Zentia ceiling tile and gain credits on building schemes like BREEAM, LEED and Ska.

Zentia Cleaning Methods Hero IE Phoenix House, Trinity College 33

Ceiling tiles that can withstand regular cleaning

From healthcare settings to clean rooms, laboratories and commercial kitchens, some ceilings need more robust cleaning than others.

Cleaning methods icon

Resistant to disinfectants

Ceiling tiles like Bioguard and Clean Room FL are resistant to disinfectants.

Cleaning methods icon

Suitable for high pressure washing

Our Hygiene ceiling tile can be jet washed.

Cleaning methods icon

Cleanable with a rough sponge

Bioguard Acoustic can be cleaned regularly with a rough sponge.

Zentia Sustainability Seismic Axiom KE Canopy with Ultima + OP Tegular 600x600mm 5

Seismic tested ceiling solutions

Get extra security for seismic resistance with our seismic ceiling solutions.

Seismic icon

Ideal for earthquake zones

Engineered to withstand seismic effects using specifically designed elements.

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Suitable for other building types that require additional protection

Additional protection for nuclear, defence, chemical and transport facilities.

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ESR-1308 code compliant

ICC-ES recognises Zentia’s Seismic Rx Suspension Systems as seismic code compliant to meet ESR-1308.

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