Zentia introduces Hydrabloc

Zentia is proud to announce the launch of its Hydrabloc family (previously known as Hydroboard). Successfully launched on the 29th February, the ranges renaming is part of Zentia’s wider strategy to streamline and simplify its product name portfolio, making it even easier for architects and contractors to specify its range of ceiling solutions.

Whilst the product name may have changed, the tiles are still the same exceptional quality Zentia is known for. Designed for high humidity spaces such as showers, hydrotherapy rooms and changing areas, the Hydrabloc tiles are moisture resistant, with proven stability in permanent Relative Humidity (RH) of 95%. The tiles can also perform in temporary conditions of up to 100% RH, meaning the tiles will not deflect or deform in damp conditions.  

Offering an acoustically-sound solution with a Class A rating for sound absorption, the Hydrabloc family can reduce echo and control noise levels within high humidity environments. The white tiles provide 89% light reflectance, brightening interiors naturally and reducing the need for artificial light, further improving the wellbeing of occupants. 

The Hydrabloc tiles are available in two different edge types, Board and Tegular24, allowing different visuals dependent on project requirements. The system comes with a 30-year guarantee, offering specifiers extra confidence and peace of mind when opting for Hydrabloc.   

John Spicer, Head of New Product Development at Zentia commented on the launch: “We are thrilled to unveil our Hydrabloc family, formerly known as Hydroboard, marking a significant step in our journey to simplify and enhance our product lineup. Catering to the industry’s specific needs is important to us, which is why we always aim to provide ceiling solutions that suit any type of environment.” 

From enhanced moisture resistance to superior acoustics and light reflectance, the Hydrabloc tiles exemplify Zentia’s dedication to meeting the unique demands of interior ceiling design while ensuring lasting durability and visual appeal. Zentia looks forward to the Hydrabloc family continuing to contribute to more successful projects, brightening interiors and enhancing comfort for years to come.  

Class A sound absorption

Meet Hydrabloc

For Class A sound absorption in humid environments, choose Hydrabloc suspended ceiling tiles. Designed for high humidity spaces like showers, hydrotherapy rooms, and changing areas.