Floating Ceilings

Choose one of Zentia’s floating ceiling solutions and give your interiors a striking new look that doesn’t compromise on acoustic performance. Our range of Axiom Canopies are a ‘frame and tile’ system that can be used with almost any of our ceiling tiles, allowing you to create perfectly balanced acoustics in any interior.

Axiom Canopies are available in several different sizes and shapes, including rectangular, square, circular and oval. For example, the classic Axiom C Canopy is available in both square and rectangle shapes of different sizes. Combine them with a ceiling tile like Ultima+ to create striking ceiling rafts and islands with good acoustic performance. Or you can choose the Axiom Curved Canopy, for a less angular and more relaxed aesthetic. Just like our other Axiom Canopies, the Axiom Curved Canopy can be installed with almost any Zentia ceiling tile and arrives on site in a single box.

Or choose from our range of Baffles and Canopies – a flexible way to manage acoustics and create interesting visual effects. Zentia’s Baffles and Canopies are available in white and create pitch-perfect sound strength in open plan spaces. They reduce sound reverberation in high traffic locations like transport hubs, schools, offices and concert halls. Ready for installation right from the box, our ceiling baffles and acoustic canopies are quick and easy to install and are a practical way to create perfectly balanced acoustics while retaining easy access to the ceiling plenum.

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Evolved from Armstrong Ceiling Solutions and with over 100 years of knowledge and experience, Zentia is the UK’s market leader in complete ceiling solutions.

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Sustainability at Zentia

We all need to work together to create a more sustainable construction industry. Find out how we’re helping you do just that.

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Product Applications

How to use our products

From signature spaces to special applications like classrooms and commercial kitchens, our ceiling solutions address performance and aesthetics throughout your project.

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