Make your mark with Sonify acoustic ceiling designs

It’s now easier than ever to put your personal stamp on acoustic ceiling systems. Imagine the opportunity to create something unique and exciting, yet achievable for every project. Absorb sound beautifully with Sonify by Zentia.

By embracing the principles of parametric design, we can deliver high performance acoustic ceiling solutions at scale with ease and unrivalled accuracy and lead times.

Sonify by Zentia


Utilise Sonify by Zentia to create unique, personalised acoustic ceiling solutions in a wide range of interiors and sectors.



Bring your client's brand to life in a major commercial space.



Create striking and aesthetic entrances in hotels and other hospitality spaces.



Bring a touch of aesthetic fun to schools and educational facilities.



Create statement lobbies and waiting areas with Sonify by Zentia.



Create exciting visual statements and reduce noise levels in restaurants and other leisure venues.

Sonify 3D Studio

Unleash your creativity with Sonify 3D Studio

Sonify 3D Studio offers a seamless specification experience by combining parametric design and creativity with simple integration into digital workflows. With Sonify 3D Studio, designing discontinuous suspended ceilings is a simple, risk-free process.

It provides a canvas to allow you to play with shapes and colours to design striking and creative acoustic ceiling designs.

• Golden Thread – Each design is assigned a Project ID for full traceability to support The Golden Thread of Information
• Revit Files – Download acoustic ceiling designs as Revit files to support integration into digital workflows
• Deliver design led, high performance acoustic ceiling baffles, rafts and canopies in large open plan spaces
• Customise - Experiment with a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes to create highly creative acoustic celling designs
• Creates a bill of materials and delivered on site as a ready-to-assemble 'kit of parts'

Sonify by Zentia Baffle Rectangles

Acoustic Ceiling Baffles

With Sonify by Zentia, hanging acoustic baffles is now quick and accurate. Our grid system offers minimal panel sway following installation.

• Use our baffles to create our Nexus configuration, as well as waved and angled patterns, to create a feeling of movement. Combine with colour to further enhance your designs and inspire clients with beautiful designs.
• Exceptional acoustic performance, unrivalled accuracy and multiple design options; beautiful baffle ceilings of any size are now achievable on every project.
• Sonify by Zentia offers the largest range of standard colours
• Unrivalled accuracy and alignment of ceiling baffles
• Easy to install and reconfigure designs

Sonify Rectangle Nexus

Acoustic Ceiling Canopies

Sonify by Zentia offers a range of acoustic ceiling panels that can be used together to create decorative acoustic rafts, ceiling clouds and islands. Configure rectangles, hexagons, circles or squares to create a visually stunning solution with impressive sound absorption in large open plan spaces.

• Create exciting acoustic canopies, ceiling clouds, islands and rafts using the principles of parametric design
• Sonify by Zentia offers the largest range of standard colours
• Unrivalled accuracy and alignment of ceiling panels
• Easy to install and reconfigure designs

Sonify by Zentia Colours 23-01-12

Sonify by Zentia acoustic panels and hanging baffles are available in 35 standard colours.

Our colour palette allows you play with colours and configurations to create exciting acoustic solutions for a variety of applications.

Thanks to our UK-based, in-house paint facility, we have the capability to deliver coloured baffles and canopies in unrivalled lead times.

Sonify by Zentia is the first UK manufacturer to offer grid capping in all 35 colours. Make your mark and turn the functional into a feature.


Sonify Create

Our Sonify Create range of suspension grids and accessories is a design feature in its own right thanks to its wide range of suspension grid capping. Our solution ensures that every design is specified with the most suitable method of suspension to accommodate elements such as pillars, crowded voids and large-scale installations.

Each Sonify by Zentia design is specified and supplied as a 'kit of parts' that includes all the components required to safely and efficiently suspend each individual design element.

• Grid body available in galvanised steel, white or black
• Grid end caps available in grey, white and black
• Grid capping available in all 35 standard colours
• Ideal for use in crowded voids
• Stable installations with minimal panel sway
• Hybrid hanging system utilising grid and suspension wires for complex installations

Digital Brochure

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Learn how to put your personal stamp on acoustic ceiling solutions with Sonify by Zentia in our digital brochure.



Download the Sonify by Zentia Datasheet here to view the technical, environmental, performance and specification information. If you require any further information please don't hesitate to contact us.


Installation Instructions

Download our Sonify by Zentia fitting instructions or watch our video here.

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