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The Zentia Installation School is our award-winning training school that has trained thousands of ceiling contractors since the 1990s. It provides training at all levels of the industry, from apprentices and non-construction professionals to experienced contractors and distributors.

Awarded Member Training Programme of the Year by the Finishes and Interiors Sector in 2023, the Zentia Installation School combines theory and practical training to teach more about our ceiling products, their acoustical properties, and how to achieve the perfect installation.

Tailored Training

Our courses are designed with flexibility to meet your needs, ranging from one to two days. For distributors, we offer a one-day course that provides a comprehensive overview of Zentia’s product range and installation techniques, highlighting the ones which are most popular with installers. For contractors, we offer a more intensive two-day training course that covers the installation of our entire range, including canopy and baffle installations, with a focus on your specific areas for improvement.

Each course includes an extensive health and safety introduction to suspended ceilings, along with a tour of our mineral ceiling and grid plants. Practical, hands-on training is conducted in our dedicated training rig at the Team Valley site in Gateshead.

Pinnacle Supervisor Training

For those who are part of our award-winning Pinnacle Partnership Scheme, we offer supervisor training designed to equip your top fitters with transferable skills and knowledge. This training enables them to upskill your entire workforce by implementing in-house training programmes for your colleagues.

Upon completing the Pinnacle Supervisor Training, you can book our training rig to conduct comprehensive ceiling installation training at your own facility. We will ship the rig to you along with setup instructions. Additionally, attendees receive training workbooks for post-course reference and to aid in delivering training to their team. As a participant in the Pinnacle Supervisor training, you will also gain exclusive access to our latest products and have the opportunity to contribute to their development.

Whether you are a distributor seeking a comprehensive overview or a contractor in need of in-depth installation techniques, our flexible courses are designed to meet your specific needs. The Pinnacle Supervisor Training further empowers your workforce, ensuring that your team stays at the forefront of industry advancements. Join the thousands of professionals who have already benefitted from our training and build your knowledge with Zentia’s Installation School today.

There are five dates throughout 2024 for the Installation School and Pinnacle Supervisor Training. Find out more and book here.

Build your knowledge

Zentia Installation School

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