Pinnacle by Zentia

Learn more about our market-leading partnership programme for specialist ceiling contractors in the UK and Ireland.

What is Pinnacle by Zentia?

Pinnacle by Zentia is our market-leading partnership scheme for specialist ceiling contractors. Our aim is to drive high-quality specifications, strive for a fully trained workforce, and re-introduce off-cut recycling.

Zentia Pinnacle Approved Partners are trained to the highest standards in Zentia products and fitting so that projects can be completed quickly and efficiently. With regular training and support from Zentia, they are fully up to date on best practice and product installation.

Developed in collaboration with our specialist contractor partners, Pinnacle by Zentia ensures we are working together for a mutually successful future. Above all, we’re aiming to give architects, designers and main contractors confidence and certainty that their project is in good hands.

What Zentia Pinnacle Approved Partners get from us

With exclusive access to Zentia’s off-cut recycling service, our Pinnacle Approved Partners can provide cleaner, more environmentally friendly ceiling installations.

Every year, our Pinnacle Approved Partners send two of their best fitters (and their apprentices) for training and Pinnacle Certification at our factory in Team Valley, Gateshead.

Once certified, Pinnacle Approved Partners can book our mobile installation training rig so that they can deliver training to their workforce in their local areas.

We promote our Pinnacle Approved Partners on Zentia’s main social media channels, exposing their work to an audience of thousands and making sure our specifier followers know our Partners provide first class service.

We promote our Pinnacle Approved Partners to specifiers and designers at the specification stage, recommending their services from the beginning of projects to the very end.

We promote our Pinnacle Approved Partners to main contractors through supply chain agreements, so their services are front and center in any consideration process.

Our Pinnacle Approved Partners get advance access to our new products and are even involved in their development, giving them an opportunity to share their knowledge and market insights.

Our Pinnacle Approved Partners get access to Zentia’s extensive professional network and our market-leading industry knowledge to find new projects and book new business.

Zentia Pinnacle Approved Partners will have exclusive access to our new range of digital services designed with ceiling contractors in mind.

What we expect from Pinnacle Approved Partners

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Installation Recommendations

Zentia Pinnacle Approved Partners commit to installing Zentia’s products according to our fixing recommendations, prioritising a safe and long-lasting installation to benefit end users.

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Training and Development

Pinnacle Approved Partners commit to regular training with Zentia, so that their Pinnacle Certified status is maintained alongside their product expertise and knowledge.

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Health and Safety

On top of regular training, we expect Pinnacle Approved Partners to demonstrate a real commitment to health and safety, promoting good workplace practices on-site.

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Marketing and Promotion

In return for promotion across our social media channels, we ask our Pinnacle Approved Partners to promote Zentia on their own accounts.

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All Pinnacle Approved Partners promote and proactively support Zentia’s off-cut recycling service to ensure projects are completed as sustainably as possible.

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Knowledge Sharing

Pinnacle Approved Partners regularly engage with Zentia and provide information on projects, technical expertise, and general market information.

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Business Investment

Pinnacle Approved Partners commit to investing in their sales and business development process, to ensure a strong pipeline of projects in the future.

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We ask all of our Pinnacle Approved Partners to purchase Zentia products directly from a Zentia authorised distributor.

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Pinnacle Approved Partners demonstrate proactive Zentia sales through regular meetings with our Pinnacle Partner Manager.

“Zentia’s commitment to our partnership scheme is unparalleled and it’s a very exciting time for all involved. I can’t wait to visit our Pinnacle Approved Partners and build on our momentum.”

Become a Zentia Pinnacle Approved Partner

Interested in becoming a Zentia Pinnacle Approved Partner? Contact Andrew Goodwin, Pinnacle Partner Manager, for more information: