Ceiling solutions for commercial kitchens

High-performance suspended ceiling tiles for commercial kitchens: antimicrobial, washable, and water repellent.

Ceilings designed for commercial kitchens

Zentia’s ceiling solutions have been installed in hundreds of commercial kitchens over the years and come backed with 15- or 30-year system guarantees, so you can specify with confidence. Our suspended ceilings for commercial kitchens combine strong technical performance with high light reflectance for brighter interiors.

Zentia Commercial Kitchens Room

Hygienic and washable ceiling solutions

Specify Zentia mineral ceiling tiles in commercial kitchens and other food prep areas to help kitchen staff meet high hygiene demands and keep interiors clean and microbe free. Our Zentia’s suspended ceiling solutions for commercial kitchens are washable, resistant to disinfectants, and finished with antimicrobial paint that prevents mould, mildew and bacteria.



Find products that can be washed on a regular basis.


Light Reflectance

Enhance interiors with brighter ceiling tiles.



Choose ceiling tiles that are resistant to disinfectants and have antimicrobial properties.

Frequently asked questions

Zentia’s recommended ceiling solutions for commercial kitchens meet the requirements as detailed in Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 Annex II Chapter II Paragraph 1(c):

‘Ceilings (or, where there are no ceilings, the interior surface of the roof) and overhead fixtures are to be constructed and finished so as to prevent the accumulation of dirt and to reduce condensation, the growth of undesirable mould and the shedding of particles.’

While all of Zentia’s mineral ceiling tiles emit very low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds, some of our products are more suitable than others for installation in commercial kitchens. Get in touch and speak to one of our technical experts for assistance.

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