Ceiling solutions for leisure and hospitality

Create inviting environments with Zentia’s ceiling solutions for leisure and hospitality. Whether giving a venue a lively, fresh vibe, immersing guests in total luxury, or ensuring cleanability for food prep areas, we’ve got ceiling tiles to suit your needs.

A ceiling for every challenge

The leisure and hospitality sector covers a wide range of business types, each with unique interior spaces and challenges. From restaurants and hotels to cinemas and gyms, bowling alleys and bars to changing rooms and concern venues, Zentia’s complete range of ceiling solutions for leisure and hospitality offers acoustical and other technical performance to suit every context.

Zentia Leisure and Hospitality Entrance Lobbies Dune Max 600x600mm Tegular with prelude 24mm XL2 grid 1

Seriously showstopping spaces

Make a seriously stunning first impression for guests and visitors with Zentia’s Axiom Circle and Curved Canopies. These statement ceilings float above your head to absorb sound and create visual impact without concealing the ceiling soffit. They also improve privacy at payment points.

Zentia Leisure and Hospitality Restaurants IT Hotel Concordia, San Possidonio 2

Stylish and stripped-back statement interiors

Choose our Canopies and Baffles to give your restaurant space a modern light and airy feel without compromising on sound performance. Or use DecoMesh to create stylish and stripped-back interiors with an edgy aesthetic.

Zentia Perla dB Tegular 17mm edge

Luxurious ceilings that don’t compromise on privacy

To reduce the passage of sound between adjacent rooms, choose a ceiling tile like Perla dB. With a smooth laminated finish for enhanced sound attenuation performance, ensure improved privacy for guests.

Leisure and Hospitality Zentia Kitchens Hygiene 600x600mm with Prelude 24mm Corrosive Resistance grid 2

High humidity resistance and easy cleanability

Choose a ceiling tile with Class-A sound absorption for busy and noisy commercial kitchens. A ceiling tile like Hygiene is washable and up to 95% relative humidity resistant. With 82% light reflectance, it also brightens interior spaces that may lack access to natural light.


Balanced acoustical performance for high volume entertainment venues

For cinemas and auditoriums, choose a ceiling tile that offers a balance between sound absorption and sound attenuation to help muffle background noise and reduce sound transmission between adjacent spaces. For reduced light reflectance, Colortone Fine Fissured Black is painted black to absorb light and prevent glare from cinema screens.



Find products with the right acoustic qualities for your project.


Light Reflectance

Enhance interiors with brighter ceiling tiles.



Choose ceiling tiles that perform best in clinical and scientific environments.

Frequently asked questions

We recommend tiles with high relative humidity (RH) resistance. With 95% humidity resistance and class-A sound absorption, Hygiene is a great choice for commercial kitchens, while Hydrabloc can resist permanent RH up to 95% and temporary conditions of up to 100% RH, making it a fantastic option for bathrooms and other areas with fluctuating temperatures.

Canopies and Baffles can be specified alone or in tandem to create stunning visual effects in entrance lobbies. Canopies can be used to create arresting ceiling clouds, while Baffles can be used to create different patterns across the ceiling soffit. Both ceiling products will reflect and direct natural and artificial light around the interior, as well as providing good sound absorption.

Canopies can also be attached to the wall and used as wall absorbers, providing additional sound absorption in high traffic areas.

DecoMesh adds contemporary class and brings an edgier aesthetics to restaurant interiors. Made from galvanised steel and available in eight different colours, DecoMesh makes a very strong design statement.

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