Ceiling tiles for education and classrooms

Create better learning environments with Zentia’s ceiling solutions for education, from inspiring lecture theatres and versatile classrooms to quiet libraries and sociable canteens. Specify one of our mineral ceiling tiles or floating ceiling solutions in pre-school nurseries, primary and secondary schools, and higher education facilities.

Balanced acoustics for better learning

In any educational institution, each room serves a different purpose and needs a ceiling solution that will support those specific uses. For example, a school kitchen ceiling requires good hygiene performance and high humidity resistance, while a classroom needs a ceiling that offers the perfect balance between sound absorption and sound attenuation. Zentia’s complete range of ceiling solutions can flex to meet any requirement, whether you’re specifying ceilings for a new classroom, a school canteen, or a laboratory.

Zentia Classroom Ultima + Vector 600x600mm with Prelude 24mm XL2 grid 1

Balancing pupil and teacher needs

Choose one of our bright white mineral ceiling tiles for classrooms in primary and secondary school settings. Balancing sound absorption and sound attenuation, our mineral tiles satisfy the precise needs of students and teachers.

Zentia Lecture Hall Axiom KE Canopy with Ultima + OP Tegular 600x600mm 5
Lecture Hall

Acoustics for clear communication

Larger than classrooms, in lecture halls sound really needs to carry from the front to the back of the interior space. Canopies and Baffles provide double-sided sound absorption, preventing echo and sound loss. They also allow for statement ceiling design, creating stimulating environments for staff and students alike.

Zentia Library Axiom C Canopy with Dune Max Board 600x600mm 21

Peaceful interiors that enhance light

Libraries need to foster silence and concentration. Mineral ceiling tiles rates Class A for sound absorption are ideal for open plan areas that need to reduce sound reverberation. Add high light reflectance to your technical spec and daylight will bounce off the ceiling and diffuse around an interior space, brightening dark corners.

Zentia Kitchen Hygiene 600x600mm with Prelude 24mm Corrosive Resistance grid 2

High humidity resistance

In kitchens, ceiling tiles need to meet very different performance criteria. Exposed to higher and fluctuating temperatures, they need to have very high Relative Humidity (RH) resistance and be easy to clean and maintain, without compromising on sound absorption. Hygiene is rated A for sound absorption and is 95% RH resistant.

Zentia Lab Clean Room FL

Ceilings for ISO clean room performance

Laboratories often require high levels of air cleanliness for airborne particulates, as well as environmental control over atmospheric contamination, temperature and humidity. Clean Room FL has a polyester film facing, so it provides excellent ISO clean room performance.

Zentia Cafeteria 600x600mm with Prelude 24mm Corrosive Resistance grid

Striking interiors for social spaces

Canteens are high traffic, high volume spaces in any educational institution, so a degree of sound absorption is recommended. Canopies and Baffles absorb some sound and provide opportunities for creative and striking interior design.



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Light Reflectance

Enhance interiors with brighter ceiling tiles.



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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to classrooms, sound absorption is less important than you think. Ceilings that absorb too much sound deaden classroom environments and make it more difficult for teachers to communicate with students. To put it simply, teachers have to work harder to project their voices across the room, which results in vocal strain. Ceiling tiles with high sound absorption qualities do not make a good classroom environment for teachers and students.

Instead, we recommend ceiling tiles that offer a good balance between sound absorption and sound attenuation. These tiles take the edge off noisy classroom chatter, but reflect some soundwaves back into the room, so teachers don’t have to work quite as hard to be heard by their pupils while they’re teaching lessons. A balanced, practical ceiling solution that provides the best learning environment for all.

A bright environment makes everything clearer. In a school, the main objectives is to make the best possible use of daylight to avoid having to use electricity. The ceiling can play a crucial part in optimising light reflectance which can allow energy savings, in case of indirect lighting. Combining high-reflectance mineral ceiling tiles with larger windows or floor-to-ceiling glazing provides an easy way to make this happen.

Research has also shown a conclusive link between the provision of natural light and academic success, with one study showing that students working in classrooms with higher levels of daylight achieve 7% to 18% higher test scores. Another – Clever Classrooms – suggests that the design of a classroom has a c.25% impact, positive or negative, on the academic progress of students over the course of a year.

On the flip side, too much natural light can cause eye strain or create glare that distracts students and staff alike. Reflectance must be balanced with diffusion – transforming the harshness of direct light into a more scattered, ambient glow, bathing classrooms in pleasantly bright light without it becoming an issue.

Beyond light, acoustics, and aesthetics, it’s also important to consider things like fire safety and durability. You may also wish to consider ease of installation and maintenance, so that the initial project can be completed on time and on budget, and so that the ceiling tiles, grids and the infrastructure they conceal can be maintained in the future.

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