With a finely textured surface, Optima offers Class A sound absorption and 87% light reflectance. Specify Optima in open plan spaces like contact centres, libraries, cafeterias and offices for a ceiling that brightens interiors and improves wellbeing. Optima has excellent mechanical strength with a fibre glass fleece at the back. Made of 77% recycled content to boost your project’s sustainability credentials.

Optima board edge tiles have flat, square edges that fully expose a standard suspended ceiling grid.

Available Colours

Optima tiles can be ordered with a tegular edge. This rebated edge detail slightly drops the ceiling tile below a standard ceiling grid, creating a semi-bevelled visual across the ceiling.

Available Colours

MicroLook 90
Choose Optima tiles with a MicroLook 90 edge, a square-cut edge detail that slightly drops the ceiling tiles below a standard ceiling grid, partially concealing the grid design and creating a shadowed effect.

Available Colours

Vector edge tiles are cut to semi-conceal a standard 24mm suspended ceiling grid, creating an interesting visual effect. Recommended for use with Zentia’s Gridline 24 ceiling grid.

Available Colours

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