Design beautiful acoustic ceilings with Sonify 3D Studio

Sonify 3D Studio is an online configuration design platform that allows architects and specifiers to create beautiful Sonify canopy and baffle ceilings. Easy to use and integrated with Revit, it provides users with a seamless specification experience.

Sonify 3D Studio

Design unique acoustic baffle and canopy ceilings

Sonify 3D Studio allows you to deliver high performance acoustic ceiling designs in large open plan spaces. Experiment with canopy and baffle layouts to create truly unique acoustic ceilings. Play with shapes, colours, panel elevation and angles to design striking ceiling installations.

Sonify 3D Studio gives each design a unique Project ID for full traceability to support the Golden Thread of Information. It also creates a bill of materials, so all the components of your Sonify design can be delivered to site as a full kit, ready and waiting for quick and simple installation by your chosen ceiling contractor.

Room scenes

Visualise your ceiling in place with pre-set room scenes

Sonify 3D Studio combines the principles of parametric design with complete creativity. See your suspended ceiling design in context by choosing one of our five pre-set room scenes:

  • School hall
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel or office lobby
  • Boardroom
  • Hospital waiting room

Or create a custom space, an empty room with your specified dimensions. Then begin designing your personalised acoustic ceiling.

Wall Absorbers

Create sound absorbing feature walls with Sonify Wall Absorbers

Compliment your Sonify ceiling solution with Sonify Wall Absorbers. Use Sonify 3D Studio to turn plain walls into attractive features with practical, sound absorbing purpose to improve the acoustic environment of interiors.

To find Sonify Wall Absorbers in Sonify 3D Studio, choose the custom room scene and any of these Sonify canopy layouts to start your design:

  • Canopy Island
  • Canopy Circle Island
  • Canopy Hexagon Island
Ceiling layouts

Choose different canopy and baffle layouts

With Sonify by Zentia, the creative possibilities are limitless. Use our canopy and baffle layouts to begin putting your personal stamp on acoustic ceiling designs.

Canopy Island

Canopy Island

Choose one of Sonify's rectangular or square canopy sizes to create distinctive canopy ceiling islands with structure.

Canopy Circle Island

Canopy Circle Island

Choose circular canopies to add fluidity and fun to interior designs. Use with bright colours to really enhance your interior space.

Canopy Hexagon Island

Canopy Hexagon Island

Hexagons add geometric logic to interiors. Incorporate neutral greys and classic whites into your design for a minimalistic but surprising ceiling.

Baffle Islands

Baffle Islands

Use vertical ceiling baffles to expose the suspended ceiling grid and give interiors a more industrial sensibility. Combine with colour to make a real statement.

Baffle Shapes

Baffle Shapes

Sonify suspended ceiling baffles are available in a range of interesting shapes. Select sharply angled panels, or choose smooth curves for a more relaxed interior.

Canopy Nexus

Canopy Nexus

Combine acoustic canopies in different square and rectangular shapes and sizes to add visual interest to your suspended ceilings.

Baffle Nexus

Baffle Nexus

Use acoustic ceiling baffles in juxtaposing angles to add striking depth and colour to your building interior.

Canopy Highway

Canopy Highway

Adjust square and rectangular canopy spacing to add visual interest and expose the ceiling grid.

Try Sonify 3D Studio

Incorporate different panel angles and heights with Sonify Tilt

Use Sonify 3D Studio to create motion in your Sonify canopy island designs by using the angled adjustment option, made possible by Sonify Tilt. Align canopy panels at varying heights and angles with incredible precision and create new surfaces for sound absorption that help disrupt sound waves and reduce reverberation within a space.

Expose and highlight the ceiling grid with Sonify Highway

Use Sonify 3D Studio to explore how you can highlight the suspended ceiling grid in your Sonify designs. Expand the spacing between canopies and baffles to expose the grid, and use contrasting colours to turn it into a design feature. This can be further enhanced by choosing the Sonify Highway product type when using the platform.

Play with panel spacing and orientation

Use Sonify 3D Studio to play with panel spacing and orientation. Turn the suspended ceiling grid into a design feature of your statement ceiling with coloured grid capping. Then expose the grid by changing the spacing and orientation of canopy and baffle panels.

The Sonify by Zentia ceiling system includes a number of innovative grid components that make this kind of personalised design possible. Click the button below to learn more about Sonify.

Bring your design to life with colour

Experiment with Zentia’s collection of 35 colours to create truly unique ceiling designs. With Sonify 3D Studio, you can select from preset complimentary duo or trio colour palettes, or create your own.

Explore the full colour collection in Sonify 3D Studio to design branded ceilings for your clients, to help with wayfinding, or even to create differentiated workzones in open plan offices.

Add to Revit and request an NBS K40

Sonify 3D Studio integrates with Revit for a seamless specification experience. Download your acoustic ceiling designs as Revit files and incorporate them into your existing digital workflows. Then request an NBS K40 document for use in your specifications.

Sonify components can also be found on NBS Source. It can be specified in NBS Chorus, fitting in with your existing design processes.

Try Sonify 3D Studio

Try Sonify 3D Studio now and create your own beautiful Sonify ceiling designs. Or, book a design visit from one of our architectural and design consultants to learn more about Sonify by Zentia.

Order free Sonify samples

Order up to three free samples of Sonify canopies, baffles, and grid. Order different colours and grid capping to better visualise how Sonify acoustic ceiling panels and suspended ceiling grid will fit into your project.

Book a design visit

Book a design visit with a one of our architectural and design consultants. Learn more about Sonify’s limitless creative possibilities, and how you can put your personal stamp on acoustic ceiling designs.