Zentia gives Ultima+ the ultimate upgrade, meet Prestige

Zentia, a UK leader in complete ceiling solutions, is pleased to announce the renaming of its brightest and whitest tile, Ultima+. The new family, titled Prestige, will continue to represent the pinnacle of innovation and excellence in the industry and set new standards for performance, reliability and versatility.

Prestige, which was successfully launched on 25th October, offers three reliable, bespoke solutions depending on different client needs. The flagship product, Prestige, offers smooth, finely textured laminated tiles that provide good sound absorption and attenuation, offering perfectly balanced acoustical performance. The tiles are made in the UK*, contain up to 37% recycled content and are available in 35 colours, offering practical and creative solutions for a range of environments including meeting rooms, waiting areas and data centres.

Prestige hA+ offers the same sleek, smooth aesthetics but also forms one of Zentia’s most sound absorbent suspending ceiling tile to date, making it ideal for open plan areas that require a dose of calm and quiet such as libraries and healthcare settings. As well as an outstanding acoustic performance, the ceiling systems offer a reinforced scratch resistant face and impressive environmental credentials, being 100% recyclable.

Zentia is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its products. As such we are excited to announce the Prestige family will be the first laminated product to be added to our Pinnacle Partner offcut recycling scheme. The scheme is a promise from us, as a manufacturer, to take back and recycle all offcuts of Prestige tiles from our approved Pinnacle Partners on future projects. This will result in the reduction of the amount of waste going to landfill sites.

The final product within the range, Prestige dB, offers sound attenuation properties that is most effective for when privacy is your main concern by limiting noise being transmitted through ceiling voids. This makes it ideal for individual offices and boardrooms. The tiles offer the same aesthetic finish that Zentia has become known for, and can be specified, as with the rest of the range, in a range of different shapes, sizes and colours* to allow enhanced creative freedom.

Graham Taylor, Director, Sales and Marketing at Zentia said: “We are thrilled to have successfully launched our new product range, Prestige, previously known and adored as Ultima+. Whilst the name may have changed, the brand and range’s reputation for reliability, quality and innovation has not, and Prestige is only another great example of our dedication to making cutting-edge ceiling tile solutions that are made in the UK and of the highest-quality, offering the best solutions for our clients.”

*Excluding dB range and SL2 Planks

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Ultimate in flexibility

The Prestige Family

With Prestige, you can specify suspended ceilings that are practical, playful, and refined. Our most flexible and durable suspended ceiling range, the Prestige Family includes our brightest white shade.