High-Quality Ceiling Tiles Solution for Retail Stores

Create a range of visual and acoustic effects with Zentia’s ceiling panels and tiles for retail, whether you’re designing a prestigious department store, a standard retail unit, or a small independent boutique.

Easy to install ceiling solutions

Use light reflecting Canopies, Baffles and our Axiom range to design bright statement spaces. For smaller spaces, choose one of our board edge mineral tiles with excellent acoustic performance. All fast and easy to install, so your project gets finished faster.

Zentia Sonify 3D Studio - Waiting Area - Baffle Nexus 2
Open Plan Department Stores

Create bright and beautiful ceiling clouds in large open plan stores

Add a touch of design flair to large open plan stores with Axiom Circle and Curved Canopies. Brightening interiors and adding visual interest, they also absorb sound and help reduce echo. These white canopies are available in seven standard shapes with either Gridline 15 or Gridline 24 grid.

Zentia Mezzguard Board angle
Mezzanine Floors

Increased fire resistance for fully loaded mezzanine floors

Mezzanine floors add space to larger retail spaces, but they can represent an increased fire risk. Mezzguard is engineered for excellent fire resistance performance. With a finely sanded surface texture, it provides well-balanced acoustical performance and high light reflectance to brighten interiors.

Zentia Changing Rooms Centre for Sports Exercise, Uni of Edinburgh 02
Changing Rooms

Enhance privacy with highly sound absorptive ceilings

Use a highly sound absorptive ceiling tile in small, private spaces like changing rooms and restrooms to make the customer experience pleasant and comfortable. Its smooth, finely textured surface has a brighter blue-white colour with 87% light reflectance, making changing rooms feel as light and airy as possible.

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Payment Points

Improve intelligibility at customer service points

Suspend Zentia’s Canopies from the ceiling for double-sided sound absorption to make the space more intimate and boost intelligibility.



Find products with the right acoustic qualities for your project.


Light Reflectance

Enhance interiors with brighter ceiling tiles.



Choose ceiling tiles that perform best in clinical and scientific environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Architects and specifiers use Axiom Canopies to create different ceiling effects in open spaces. As a floating ceiling system, Axiom Canopies can be suspended at different heights, adding visual excitement to the ceiling plane. As well as being visually appealing, they also absorb sound from above and below, helping to reduce sound reverberation – basically, they make a space less ‘echoey’.

Zentia’s Canopies and Baffles can also be used in retail units. They are quick and easy for contractors to install straight from the box, so projects are completed fast.

In large open plan department stores, it’s important to improve intelligibility at payment counters. Installing a suspended ceiling like Canopies or Axiom Canopies above customer service points, or even Wall Absorbers, will absorb sound from the surrounding space and make it easier for people to understand each other.

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