Hospital Ceiling Tiles for Healthcare Settings

Design sleek interiors that enhance patient privacy and hygiene standards in healthcare settings with Zentia’s specialist ceiling solutions. Ceiling tiles for healthcare help create a clean and stylish environment for patients and workers.

Antimicrobial ceiling tiles, acoustically balanced

Zentia’s specialist ceiling solutions for healthcare combine antimicrobial properties with powerful acoustic performance suitable for a wide range of clinical settings. Whether you’re prioritising patient privacy, hygiene, or clean room standards, we provide tiles and grid solutions to suit your needs.

Zentia Ceiling Tile Biobloc Plain 01 1
Patient Rooms

Put patient privacy and cleanability first

Hospital wards and treatment rooms are communal spaces that need a good balance between sound absorption and sound attenuation. Rated C for sound absorption, Biobloc Acoustic is ideal for areas where there is a high risk of infection as it is resistant to disinfectants and repels water.

Zentia Suspended Ceiling Tile Hydrabloc 02
Bathrooms and Showers

High humidity resistance

Enhance patient dignity in private spaces with Hydrabloc, which combines class A rated sound absorption with high humidity resistance. Hydrabloc performs excellently in permanent Relative Humidity (RH) of up to 95% and temporary conditions of up to 100% RH. Install with Zentia’s Gridline 24 Corrosive Resistant for maximum corrosion resistance.

Zentia Radiology Bioguard Acoustic Board 600x600mm with Prelude 24mm XL2 grid 2

Ceilings for clean rooms with ISO 5 classification

With a polyester film facing, Clean Room FL is dust-resistant and can be washed on a regular basis. It is an excellent ceiling tile in clean room and computer environments. It can be used in clean rooms with ISO 5 classification in accordance with ISO 14644-1:1999.

Zentia Ceiling Tile Biobloc Acoustic 02 Resized
Corridors and Lift Lobbies

Balanced acoustics for high traffic areas

Biobloc Acoustic is ideal for communal, busy spaces like corridors and lift lobbies. It offers a perfect balance between sound attenuation and sound absorption, reducing echo and enhancing privacy.



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Light Reflectance

Enhance interiors with brighter ceiling tiles.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Zentia ceiling solutions can be used in office refurb or refit projects, just as they can on new office projects.

Our ceiling tiles can be cleaned in a variety of different ways. For instance, Bioguard Acoustic can be cleaned with disinfectants without compromising its technical performance which, along with its antimicrobial performance, makes it an ideal ceiling solution for healthcare environments. Similarly, Clean Room FL can also be cleaned with disinfectants with no impact on performance.

You can find detailed cleaning recommendations on all of our individual product pages.

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