Aruba: a trusted ceiling tile for generations

Trusted by generations of architects and installers, Aruba is specified throughout the UK almost every single day. With impressive sound properties, and a range of colours available it is an incredibly versatile range that can be found everywhere from hotels and offices to classrooms and retail environments.

Aruba: a trusted ceiling tile for generations

The range has been named after the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean due to the finely sanded finish of the tile’s surface. The Aruba tile also reflects the vibrancy and colourful nature of the Caribbean, as it is available in 35 colours, the largest option of standard colours available on the UK market. For further design creativity, the Aruba family can be specified in alternative shapes such as the Aruba Triangle.

Additional tiles with enhanced performances are available within the Aruba family including Aruba hH, Aruba Max and Aruba dB, each bringing unique performance capabilities.


The Aruba tile is incredibly versatile, with a number of attributes that deliver a thorough solution. Combining Class C sound absorption with a sound attenuation level of 34dB, the tile controls background noise levels whilst allowing sound to travel, creating an acoustically comfortable setting. It contains up to 44% recycled content, is 100% recyclable and is scratch resistant.

Recently specified for an industrial site in one of the UK’s most important manufacturing areas, the vibrant Aruba tile was able to meet the aesthetic, functional and acoustic requirements set out for the project. Ceiling installer, Barry Deane, Director at East Midlands Ceilings commented on the Aruba family: “It’s always exciting when the customer wants a change from the standard types of suspended ceiling designs. It made the project extremely interesting to be involved with, and the Aruba coloured tiles look amazing, giving a modern and visual twist over the standard install. The quality of the materials was also fantastic, with everything being manufactured and delivered to suit the project requirements perfectly.”

Aruba hH

The Aruba hH tile offers enhanced high humidity resistance, making it ideal for areas such as changing rooms. It also has the same acoustic qualities as the Aruba tile; but can remain stable in conditions of up to 99% Relative Humidity (RH).

Aruba Max

The Aruba Max is a more robust variation of the standard Aruba tile, designed for interiors that require a higher technical performance. With an increased tile thickness, it offers higher sound attenuation levels of 35dB, and is perfect for settings such as classrooms where sound still has to travel but in a controlled manner.

Aruba dB

For internal settings that require extra levels of privacy such as meeting rooms and small offices, the Aruba dB tile offers the highest sound absorption rating at 39dB and reduces sound transmission through the ceiling void.

Think flexibility

The Aruba Family

A versatile range of acoustic ceiling tiles designed to meet every project requirement. Make a design statement without compromising performance. Think flexibility, think Aruba.