Improve ambient sound levels with Sonify acoustic wall absorbers

Enhance the acoustic environment in interior spaces with Sonify wall absorbers. Available in a choice of 35 exciting colours and a range of shapes and sizes, Sonify sound absorbing wall panels are a practical way to manage ambient noise while making a serious design statement.

Acoustic wall absorbers

Create bold and precise wall absorber layouts with Sonify gridded wall absorbers

The ultimate in precision design. Use the Sonify wall grid to create defined and rigid wall absorber layouts that enhance sound absorption and coordinate with your existing interior design. With these sound absorbing wall panels and grid available in 35 colours, you can turn walls into acoustically functional design features by combining panels to create visually intriguing shapes and patterns.

Sonify gridded wall absorbers provide higher levels of sound absorption due to the airgap between the panels and the wall. Sound absorption in a vertical plain adds absorption where direct sound from conversations can be captured. Easy to install and dismount for quick access to services.

Unleash your creativity

Create different layouts

Sonify wall absorbers are available in a variety of different shapes and can be easily attached to the wall to create stunning designs.

Rectangle Panels

Rectangle Panels

Choose Sonify rectangular wall absorbers to create designs that feel like art installations.

Circle Panels

Circle Panels

Add curves to interior spaces with circle wall absorbers panels for a more playful visual finish.

Hexagon Panels

Hexagon Panels

Create honeycomb structures to tie in with sustainability themes and green spaces.

Square Panels

Square Panels

Select Square Panels for a more conventional and less visually disruptive finish in open plan areas.

Acoustic wall absorbers

Build flexible wall absorber layouts quickly and easily with Sonify glued wall absorbers

Use Sonify glued wall absorbers to place sound absorption in any area of a room without the need for drilling into the wall.

Sonify glued wall absorbers can be installed quickly and efficiently, breaking up hard and reflective surfaces that contribute to echo levels.

Sonify by Zentia

Download the technical documents

Download the full set of Sonify by Zentia technical documents, including datasheets, installation guides, and more.

Sonify by Zentia

A new approach to interior acoustics

Absorb sound beautifully with Sonify by Zentia, a complete interior acoustic solution incorporating canopies, baffles and wall absorbers. Sonify by Zentia gives you the opportunity to create something unique and exciting, yet achievable for every project.

Sonify 3D Studio

Sonify 3D Studio is an online configuration design platform that allows interior designers, architects, and specifiers to create beautiful Sonify canopy and baffle ceilings alongside acoustic wall absorber designs. Easy to use and integrated with Revit, it provides users with a seamless specification experience.

>> Learn more about Sonify 3D Studio

Unleash your creativity with Sonify 3D Studio

Sonify 3D Studio combines the principles of parametric design with complete creativity. Design high performance acoustic ceilings for open plan spaces and experiment with canopy and baffle layouts to create truly unique interiors. Play with shapes, colours, panel elevation and angles to create striking ceiling and wall absorber installations.

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